Customized Data Problem Solving

At Porzana Solutions we specialize in helping solve your data or analysis problem in a transparent and reproducible way.

Auriel Fournier, PhD, is our lead scientist, and has been working on reproducible data analysis and teaching for over five years. She works with academic, government and non-profit partners to solve a variety of data analysis problems.

– Data Wrangling

  • Cleaning and Bringing Together Large, Disparate and Messy Datasets
  • Reformatting and Reshaping Exisiting Data
  • Creating a Reproducible Data Cleaning Workflow for you or your group

– Graphing

  • Creating publication quality graphics and maps to your specifications
  • Creating reproducible reports and data visualization products
  • Designing infographics and presentations
  • Developing interaction data applications for computer and web

– Coding Tutoring and Teaching

  • Teaching individuals, small groups and classes about reproducible science in R
  • Tutoring individuals on particular skills
  • Writing code for a problem, and then teaching a group how to use it

– Data Analysis and Experimental Design

  • Experimental Design, specializing in ecological field studies
  • Frequentist and Bayesian Statistical Analysis
  • Data Simulation


Please send us an email to discuss your specific data problem –

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