Porzana Solutions has been developing the `refsplitr` package for the past year. Refnet (v1.0) is an R package to read, organize, geocode, analyze, and visualize Clarivate Web of Knowledge/Web of Science, format reference data files for scientometric, social network, and Science of Science analyses.

Summarizing Data Across Large Numbers of Spreadsheets

We are often given large numbers of excel spreadsheets and asked to clean and combine them into a master dataset, or to extra certain types of information, such as the length of time for a set of events.

These are tasks that would taken many days if not weeks to do by hand, but can often be done quickly, and efficiently, and in such a way that future files can also be incorporated in a scripted workflow, and we’re happy to build that workflow for you, and if desired teach you how to use it!

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